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we envision a world where no one has to face homelessness.

ample Labs is a non-profit empowering those of us facing homelessness with technology.

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Do people experiencing homelessness have access to technology?

truth: In a survey of 421 homeless adults, 94% said they owned a phone, and these devices are often their most vital tool for communications. Unfortunately, there are not many digital tools directed at people experiencing homelessness.

Invisible homeless
Smart, Hardworking, Homeless: Simon’s story
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an easier way to find: free meals, drop-ins, shelter, clothing an easier way to find: free meals, drop-ins, shelter, clothing

open to all

We co-create tech solutions with a community of youth between 16 and 35 that are facing homelessness. We understand everyone comes from a different path.

our goals


Provide those facing homelessness with immediate access to resources


Demystify homelessness in the minds of everyone and provide those facing homelessness with employment opportunities


Our partners make a big part of what we do. If you’d like to learn more or become a partner please reach out.

ample labs


We are a hands-on team of designers, developers, researchers, consultants, and public servants in Toronto who are using technology to empower those experiencing homelessness. Together, we have over 12 years of experience working with those experiencing homelessness, including LGBTQ+ youth.

volunteer with us

ample labs is 100% volunteer run. Don’t see an open role? Send us a note anyways

  • 🔍 Research Assistant

    We are looking for individuals that can go in person to participate in research interviews and analyze data for our products & organization.

  • 💡 Non-profit Partnerships

    We are looking for someone that will establish and build Ample's relationships with non-profit organizations and community partners.

  • ⌨ Full-stack Developers ️

    We are looking for full-stack developers to continuously improve our existing product and build new products!

  • 🖊Grant Writer

    We are looking for someone to help our team prepare, submit and manage grant proposals.

  • ✍Copywriter

    We are looking for copy writers to help convey the message of Ample Labs through our marketing promotions and materials.